About Us

Just to give you some background on Vocality Marketing, we are Jan and Tracy, Managing Partners. We have both been in the sales and marketing industry for more than 20 years, working in various sectors such as IT, Publishing, Accountancy, Automotive, Agency, Healthcare, Travel, Veterinary and Charities. We have been freelancing for many years and have recently been inundated with work which led us to setting up our own agency and “Vocality Marketing Services” was born.

We are very much aware of business climate challenges and are able to offer professional and competitively priced solutions. We understand that many organisations not only need to maintain existing business and want to increase sales but they do not have the budget to employ full-time sales professionals. This is where Vocality can help make a real difference to your business!

We are both very passionate about our business and strive on “Honesty, Flexibility and Results”. With this in mind, drop us a line or pick up the phone, we would love to hear from you.